Managing editor of 21 Seconds, 2017.

News website for millennial commuters in London, providing bite-sized fact-based news of politics and culture. Conceived as part of the experimental digital media lab of the MA Multimedia Journalism program at the University of Westminster, London under Dr. David Dunkley Gymiah and Dr. Massimiliano Fusari

As managing editor, Manisha presented the website to Sky News in 2017. She was responsible for conceptualising the website with the team, delegating roles, commissioning and editing content, helping finalise the design and UX experience of the website, setting editorial guidelines and creating the brief.

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Eyezine, 2014-2016.

India's first volunteer-run feminist media platform focusing on hyperlocal news, global social struggles and feminist counterculture, founded in 2014.

Manisha was responsible for setting the news agenda, commissioning new content from a team of reporters and videojournalists, editing, web design, ideation and management. She also oversaw public relations, social media strategy, SEO, recruitment and fundraising, and spearheaded projects by the Collective such as Hysteria FemCon 2015, the first feminist convention in India.

Print Editorial

  • Junior Editorial Intern, The Times of India, 2012: Covered women's boxing in Summer Olympics

  • Editor, Ode to Expressions, St. Xavier's College magazine, Department of English, 2015-16.

  • Editor, Press Corp, Indian International Model United Nations, 2013.

  • Editor, Lotus Buds, Modern High School for Girls magazine, 2011-2013.

  • Editor-in-Chief, Phenomenon, Queen of the Missions magazine, 2010-2011.

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