Manisha has spent the past 5 years working in various capacities, as multimedia reporter and editor, to web developer and film-maker. She began her career in journalism as Junior Editorial intern at the Times of India in 2012, covering the Summer Olympics, and went on to co-found India's first feminist counterculture webzine Eyezine in 2014 which garnered over 100,000 readers in less than a year.

In January 2017, she broke the front-page exclusive for the Guardian on a security backdoor in popular messaging app Whatsapp. The article got picked up worldwide, and was written about on the Electronic Frontier Foundation, BBC, the Independent, among others.

She has also written for the New Internationalist, the Wire, Real Media, Raiot, and interviewed the likes of Selma James, Zadie Smith, Joe Corre, Clive Lewis MP, Nicholas de Poncier and Nobel Peace Prize nominee Parveena Ahangar. Her feature on Kobane for Real Media was re-prublished on Kurdish Question and has been translated into Spanish and Greek. As managing editor of 21 Seconds, she presented to Sky News in 2017. To view the full portfolio click here.

Born in Calcutta, India, she studied English Literature, Film and History at St. Xavier's College. She has worked in art curation, theatre, publishing, and film production. She ideated the first feminist convention in India, Hysteria FemCon 2015, and has worked extensively in gender rights and advocacy. The promo video she co-created for it got featured in 50 Best Films About Women on Films for Action. She has spoken as a panelist at the Feminist Art Conference, OCAD, Toronto in 2015; Oxford Bookstore panel on women's rights and Indian education in 2015; at the CEC launch at University of Westminster in 2017 (alongside Alex Boden, producer of Netflix series Sense8); and featured in interviews by the Times of India, Guerrilla Feminism and Asian Age.

Manisha is pursuing her Masters in the BJTC-accredited Multimedia Journalism course at the University of Westminster, London, on the Vice Chancellor's scholarship, till September 2017.

She is a native speaker of 3 languages and studies film theory, calligraphy, and surveillance technology in her spare time. She has previously worked in animal rescue and first aid while volunteering with paravets in Calcutta.

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