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Blyth Brentnall is a freelance journalist whose work has been published by The Telegraph and Socialist Worker, among others. She is a former editor at The Leveller.

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Blyth Brentnall is a freelance journalist in the early stages of her career. She has written about France for the Telegraph and about British politics for the Socialist Worker. She is fluent in French and has written various pieces about social issues in France.

She studied an MA in Multimedia Journalism at The University of Westminster. This followed her BA in Social Anthropology at the London School of Economics, for which she received First Class Honours. Her journalism MA provided Blyth with a thorough grounding in different types of journalism and provided her with the online skills necessary to design and build this site.

As editor of The Leveller she played an integral role in shaping their editorial guidelines. Prior to that Blyth has written for News Record, an online outlet created by Columbia graduates as well as various other outlets, blogs and student papers. Her work experience includes internships at Condé Nast and The Local France.

Her work has centred around the topics of the environment, education, politics and social issues. She is particularly interested in the issues of human-driven global warming, neoliberalism and economic inequality.

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View another website Blyth worked on here. Blyth Brentnall worked as sub-editor for the website,, during her MA in Multimedia Journalism.