UK net migration hits lowest, 90 days after Brexit referendum
Net long-term international migration has fallen to its lowest in two years, 90 days after the Brexit referendum. Figures estimated it to be at 273,000 compared to 596,000 in September 2016.
The United Nations defines an “immigrant” as someone who moves from his/her mother country to another one for at least 12 months while it defines an “emigrant” as someone who departs from a country he/she lives in for at least 12 months. Net migration is the difference between the two.
Long-term immigration from the EU has risen since 2012 but levelled off after 2015. Immigration of non-EU citizens has fallen by 6.5% from 2015. Work remains the most common reason for long-term immigration.

12 April 2017 | Mohammed Helmy

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