South Korean leader jailed over corruption charges
Former president of South Korea, Park Geun-hye, has been jailed on charges of corruption.

The first female president of South Korea has been removed from office on charges of accepting bribes as well as extorting money from big companies. According to the prosecutors, Park colluded with her friend Choi Soon-sil and pressured businesses, including Samsung, to donate 77.4 billion won (€55m) to two companies controlled by Choi. The chief of the Samsung group, Jay Y. Lee, was also detained for providing bribes.

Park could be detained for up to 20 days before being officially charged for these accounts. A bribery conviction, if established, could result in her being sentenced to over ten years in prison.

29 March 2017 | Minghao Gao

Photo: flicker_Jan Knüsel