Italian artist Fabrizio Corneli paints with light
The Italian artist has brought his anamorphic artwork to London.

Flowers and leaves can only become alive by a gentle click of switch. It is light that reveals the artwork, makes it visible, and gives it life. The original image was painted on glass or metal, but it is distorted. Similar to how our eyes work, the light passes through the rounded bottle, and forms the painting on the wall. But the difference is, light here, is not only the main medium, but also the material used to create the artwork. The painting is untouchable, yet vividly represented. The flowers or leaves represented on the wall is so strong and elegant, yet the line and the shape are somehow blurry, as if it is what we can only see in a dream.

Corneli says this principle was adopted from Chinese traditional painting in which the protagonist of an artwork is often emphasized with the rest simply faded out. The reason behind this might be that despite the different way to illustrate art between the East and the West, the pursuit of beauty remains the same.

3 April 2017 | Minghao Gao

Photo: Minghao Gao