London hospital may close critical heart service
The Italian artist has brought his anamorphic artwork to London.

The proposal follows the 2015 review of national standards for hospitals offering CHD services. NHS England said the number of such operations per year at Royal Brompton does not meet the standard. But according to the trust, nearly 14,000 outpatient appointments are conducted each year, which is more than in any other English hospitals. “Threatening to withdraw services from one of the largest and most successful centres in the country seems an absurd approach,” said Robert Craig, chief operating officer at Royal Brompton. Figures from NHS England showed that around 2.3 million suffer from CHD in Britain. Both child and adult services would be affected, according the trust. The potential closure resulted in a “Save Brompton Services” march on 18 March where more than 1000 patients, doctors and other demonstrators protested against the plans.

31 March 2017 | Minghao Gao

Photo: Brian Harrington Spier_flickr