North Korean defector urges government to increase support for NK refugees in UK
A North Korean defector has suggested the UK government should work harder to integrate North Korean refugees’ settlement process in this country.

Young-Il Kim, who fled North Korea in 1996, gave a talk about his own experiences as a refugee and about human rights abuses in the country at King’s College London last week.

He said English language learning, education in law and acculturation were the biggest obstacles to him and other defectors when they first left North Korea. “The UK government should give more support to those who reside in this country to surpass these obstacles,” he added.

UK has accepted the largest number of North Korean refugees aside from South Korea. There are about 680 North Korean refugees living in this country, according to European Alliance for Human Rights in North Korea (EAHRNK).

1 April 2017 | Fan Wang

Photo: Fan Wang