“1997 was extraordinary as labour modernised”  Former Labour MP addresses gender equality in Labour Party
Former Labour minister, Patricia Hewitt, led a talk on the 21st March at the FTI Consulting centre, on the role of women in public affairs. Hewitt recalled the 1970s, when women in politics and news faced high levels of discrimination. Hewitt recounted how the BBC said: “women’s voices are so high; no one would take them seriously”.

She added the year “1997 was extraordinary as Labour modernised” and the initiation of the “all women shortlist” increased women’s chances to join parliament. This was found by an employment board to break the Sex Discrimination Act 1975, according to the house of commons, briefing paper.

Presently 44% of the Labour Party are women, yet the question remains, will Labour ever have a female leader?

31 March 2017 | Arifa Khan

Photo: Arifa Khan