Asia House Fair: Spring 2017
Dates of Asia House Fair 2017 (Photo: Arifa Khan)
A short walking distance from Oxford Circus, on New Cavendish Street, the Asia House held a vibrant cultural fair.

Collection of clothes and jewellery from India (Photo: Arifa Khan)
It included a variety of display on clothes, art and crafts, and lots more from the Asian continent. The most popular stalls were from Japan and India.

The striking Fuji Kimono stall (Photo: Arifa Khan)
Clothing company Fuji Kimono represented the Japanese culture and has been selling authentic garments for 13 years worldwide.

Fuji Kimono selling kimonos, fans, chopsticks and many more traditional items (Photo: Arifa Khan)
At the Asia House fair, vintage and contemporary kimonos, and traditional Japanese sandals -geta shoes, were displayed for purchase.

A glance of Memsahib exotic and vibrant clothes (Photo: Arifa Khan)
The brand Memsahib, India, has been designing authentic clothes for 14 years and are experienced in dressing famous European and UK royals. Hence, they largely target customers from non-south Asian backgrounds.

Further collection of Indian clothes – worn at formal and daily occasions (Photo: Arifa Khan)
The three day fair has been taking place every spring for over five years and attracts many visitors. People were arriving throughout the day.

2 April 2017 | Arifa Khan