About 21 seconds
In a digital age, time is currency.

Shorter and quicker are now in demand with decreasing attention spans.

But with the rise of fake news, the need for accurate, informed reporting in news has never been greater. Leading a 9-to-5 lifestyle leaves very little time to sort fact from fiction. Not factored in within that is the amount of time you spend getting to or from your place of study or work.

We’re giving you your daily dose of news and politics within a 21 second bite on the go, so you’re always updated on the latest developments without having to spend three minutes reading a news article.

We tell you what’s happened, where, when, to whom, and why. We leave the analysis up to you.

We’re giving you packaged news to suit both your attention span and your morning/evening commute.
Who We Are
Millennials talking to millennials. We know our audience and we know the news cycle. The 21 secs news genre is one of the futures of journalism.

Dee May Tan
Web design head

Fan Wang
Web development head

Minghao Gao
AV content head

Mohammed Helmy
Coding, research and AV content